Your content is in English and you would like to launch it in France, targeting French-speaking audiences?

Storyline translates and adapts your content to the French market.

Increase your reach

Translate into French

– Articles, blog posts, reports and any thought leadership content

– Press releases and any PR material

– Annual reports and any corporate communications publication

– Corporate web pages

Create a French summary

You might just need a shorter version of your longer pieces for the French market.

French media in particular appreciate a condensed version of bulky publications, zooming in on key findings.

Storyline can provide a French summary of your English texts.

Localize your content

Sometimes, translating content is just not enough. To make it relevant to French audiences, hard data, evidence and examples need to be local.

Storyline can help provide French supporting facts and insert them in your content.

About Storyline

Before freelancing, Anne has worked in the research, marketing and communications teams of B2B companies (technology, real estate services, audit & consulting) in France and in Singapore.

Full profile on LinkedIn. References available upon request.

How can I help?

Translate – Condense – Localize (Photo Pierre Chatel Innocenti on Unsplash)
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